The transport service of the school is outsourced to Emirates Transport company where all buses are compatible with RTA rules and regulations.

-  Safety:
At New World Private School, the safety and security of our students is paramount, especially when they are on transit. The buses provided are equipped with 7 CCTV Cameras which record whenever the engine is switched on.

  • 4 Cameras on the outside of the bus.
  • 3 Cameras on the inside, one of them focused on the driver and other 2 cameras having whole view inside the bus.
  • The buses speed is locked at 80 km/hour.
  • The buses have 3 emergency exits in case of any unforeseen events.
  • The engine is having a specialized coating for reducing the fire (in case)
  • The material used for the floor, and seats of the buses does not catch fire.

Each student is given an RFID Card, which they will swipe while getting on and off the bus. While swapping this card through the card reader (inside the bus), a notification shall be sent to the parent via a school APP when the child has boarded the bus, and when the child gets out of the bus (Morning and afternoon).

- Drivers:
Each year upon renewal of the bus drivers’ RTA permit, drivers are required to have medical checkups and an eye test. After passing their medicals, drivers are required to attend a compulsory RTA safety training before renewing their RTA permit.
All drivers are required to produce a police clearance certificate in line with school child protection policy.

- Bus Conductors:
The RTA provides a special permit to each female bus conductor on an annual basis. Upon renewal of this permit, conductors must attend training to have the required knowledge and skills in ensuring the safety of the students and assisting with the delivery of the student to the parent, including dealing with emergencies and contacting parents and Dubai Police or ambulance services in case of an emergency.

Upon submitting the Transportation Form, the service provider will check the route pick up/drop off location and inform each parent accordingly with the respective timings, the bus number and the contact details of the bus conductor and bus driver.

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