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Welcome to New World Private School, where your child, their welfare and attainment are the primary focus of everything we do.

New World Private School is a leading school that offers high educational standards to students in Dubai. We follow the Ministry of Education curriculum, supported by an English enrichment program for science and math. We also currently offer the International Baccalaureate up to Grade 3, which, in line with our phased plans, will increase by an additional grade every year. We are a student-centric organization, aiming at cultivating new generations with outstanding interpersonal and academic skills, to keep pace with the ever-changing world by instilling leadership, responsibility, social, moral and Muslim values in our students to excel and compete locally and internationally.

At New World Private School, we strive to implement the world’s best educational practices, to enhance our students’ talents and develop their skills, to strengthen the students’ educational and cultural awareness, and to instill in them the patriotic, social and Islamic principles.

Our dedicated, committed and skilled teachers and staff work tirelessly to support and guide our students, developing and enhancing their skills to improve their level of attainment and achieve success.

Learning is a lifelong journey that benefits from involvement and support from both school and the family circle. We ensure regular communication with you for the benefit of your child’s education, working closely with you to implement new initiatives and plans to positively impact on their learning.

On the behalf of New World Private School family, I would like to warmly invite you to visit our campus and experience what life at our school is about.

Mr. Moussa Ouarou


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Date: 28 / Feb / 2018



Charity Week

Date: 27 / Feb / 2018



Visit to Duphat in Dubai World Trade Center (Grades 8 & 9 - Science Department)

Debate between Grade 6 boys & girls (Islamic Department)

Charity Week

Date: 26 / Feb / 2018



Charity Week

Date: 25 / Feb / 2018



Charity Week

Date: 22 / Feb / 2018



Reading Festival

Speech Competition

Date: 20 / Feb / 2018



We think Science (Science Department in collaboration with Math Department)

Date: 15 / Feb / 2018



Arabic Writing Competition (Arabic Department)

We think Science (Science Department in collaboration (with Math Department) Movie Night

Date: 13 / Feb / 2018



Debate between Grade 7 boys & girls (Islamic Department)

Date: 12 / Feb / 2018



Book Fair (Arabic Department)

Leaders in Math Competition (Grade 8 - Math Department)

Date: 11 / Feb / 2018



Debate Activity (Gr. 10-12/English Department)

Date: 08 / Feb / 2018



Visit to Dubai Cordblood & research center at Rashid Hospital (Science department)

Heritage Day (Social Department)

Date: 07 / Feb / 2018



Health Day (Tie up with a hospital)

Visit to the Planetarium (Grade 11 General - Math Department)

Date: 26 / Jan / 2018



Winter Carnival

Date: 25 / Jan / 2018



Grandmas & storytelling

Date: 24 / Jan / 2018



Students Play (Arabic Department)

Visit to Dubai Museum (Social Department)

Religious Hymnes Competition (Islamic Studies department)

Visit to the Planetarium (Grade 11 Advanced - Math Department)

Grammar Grill Day (English Department)

Date: 23 / Jan / 2018



Visit to the Elderly House (Social Studies Department)

Debate between Grade 8 boys & girls (Islamic Department)

Date: 22 / Jan / 2018



Parents Engagement Day (English Department)

Leaders in Math Competition (Grade 5 - Math Department)

Date: 21 / Jan / 2018



Arabic Language Week

Date: 18 / Jan / 2018



Hand Writing Contest (Gr. 1-4/English Department)