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An Activity to link between Math and Sports:

  • The Maths and Activities departments organized a common lesson between mathematics and sports supervised by Ms. Hiba Wahab and Mr. Oroua Asaad to illustrate the geometric shapes for grade one students.

Students’ Leaders in Maths Contest:

  • A round of “Students Leaders” in Maths contest took place among grade 8 sections and ended with grade 8 “B” taking the lead.

Field Tripto Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center:

  • The Science department organized a field trip for Science Club students to Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre to benefit from the opportunity to learn more about the devices and technical equipment used in the center.

Welcoming a delegation of students from Al-Assriya Schools in Jordan:

  • Our school welcomed the footbal team of Al-Assriya Schools in Jordan. Our principal met the Jordanian team and exchanged with them trophies of both schools. The Jordanian team played two football matches against our team which ended up with our team taking the lead.

Participation in the Official Opening of DAAS Sports Complex:

  • Our football team attended the official opening of the Sports Complex at Dubai Arabian American Private School. Our team played and won a friendly football match against DAAS team. Trophies and medals were distributed to both teams at the end of the ceremony.

Participation in Dubai Miniature Bicycles:

  • Our students were honored for their participation in “Dubai Miniature Bicycles”.

Khalifa Student Empowerment Program (Aqdar):

  • Our school hosts regularly Khalifa Student Empowerment Program (Aqdar) which focuses on student’ guidance, support and works on building a generation equipped with culture, and knowledge about the major issues in the world.

Visit to Dubai Club for Disabled:

  • The Activities Department organized a visit to Dubai Club for Disabled. Our students showed empathy and support to the Special Need students and presented to them entertaining plays.

Visit to Zayed University:

  • Our Emirati students from Garde 12 (Boys and Girls) visited Zayed University in order to learn about the registration procedures in public universities.

“Arab Homes – Majlis”:

  • Students in grade 12 showcased inside their classes items from a Majlis inspired from a lesson from their textbook titled “Arab Homes – Majlis”. The objective of the activity was to showcase the heritage and costumes of a Majlis to the students.

Cross - curricular lesson with the Science Department:

  • The English DepartmentÙˆ in collaboration with the Science departmentÙˆ organized a co-curricular lesson for grades 11 and 12 students. The sessions aimed to discuss controversial scientific topics (Cloning, Vaccine, Animal Testing, GMF). The Science teachers shed light on these topics and answered the students’ questions, while the English teachers explained the structure of the argumentative and the persuasive essay. Students were asked to write an essay about the topics discussed during the session.

Session about Guided Reading:

  • The English department organized a session on guided reading given by a trainer form Scholastics.

Writing Workshop:

  • Students from grades 1 to grade 12 have been working hard for the last two weeks on the “Writing Workshop”. This project aimed to teach students the proper writing process and the way it is implemented. This new approach in teaching students new practices in writing will significantly improve students’ writing skills and provide them with the required guidance towards well-structured writing.

Field Trip to Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood:

  • The school organized an educational trip for grade 5 students to Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood supervised by the librarian Ms. Jamila Alobaid and the activities department to spread awareness about Cultural Heritage. The activity was organized with the support of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority as well as Dubai Heritage Development Centers.

“My School Reads” Activity:

  • The school librarian, in cooperation with the Arabic teacher, Ms. Hind Abd Alsattar, organized an activity under the name of (My School Reads). During the activity, grade 12 students (girls) read some interesting stories to KG students.

Awarenes Lecture about Obesity:

  • Our school clinic presented an Awareness Lecture about Obesity provided by Dr. Madiha for grade 5 students. Dr. Madiha listed the diseases that caused by obesity and ways to prevent them.

Meet the CEO:

  • The CEO of Aspin Education Group, Owner of New World Private School, Mr. Farhan Faraidooni, met our parents and discussed with them all aspects of operations and possible solutions. The meeting also aimed to build a healthy culture with our parents.

Parent-Teacher Meeting:

  • *The school organized this month the Parents-Teachers Meeting, where parents had the opportunity to inquire about their children’s attainment level after the distribution of the report cards for the first academic term.

Morning Islamic Religious Program:

  • We launched a Morning Islamic Religious Program for students from Grades 1 – 12 lead by the Islamic Department. The program will allow students to recite some qur’anic verses learn some of the prophets’ traditions.

Health and Wellness Week:

  • The school partnered with Canadian Specialist Hospital to conduct the Healthy Body - Healthy Mind activity as part of our celebrations of the Health and Wellness week. We were delighted to welcome our parents to the activity, who benefited from the free medical check-ups offered by the medical staff of the hospital.

Prayer for the Rain:

  • We held the Prayers for the Rain with the participation of our students, and members from the teaching and admin staff

Martyrs’ Garden:

  • Our teachers were delighted to see the harvest of what the students planted in the "Martyrs' Garden" and picked some plantings during the brunch in line with the Team-Building activity.

Martyr’s day:

  • The school commemorated the UAE martyr’s day by flying at half-mast the flags in the morning. Flags were raised again while playing the National Anthem after observing a moment of silence and prayer to honor the Emirati martyrs.

National Day Celebrations:

  • In commemoration of the 45th UAE National Day, the school celebrated this occasion with the participation of parents, teachers, administration staff and students, who presented a variety of performances and activities related to the occasion.
  • We met our KG parents as part of a series of meetings that we will organize throughout the year to provide them with updates regarding the academic plans that are being implemented and discuss with them the best ways to support the educational process of their children at home. We were happy to see parents share their testimonials with their children which allowed to exchange experience among them which in turn led to a beneficial discussion during the meeting while they benefited from the educational tips discussed during the meeting.
  • We were delighted to welcome our parents who joined their children to celebrated the themes "Who We Are" and "How Do We Express Ourselves". The activity included reading stories as well as working on some designs.
  • Our children participated as well in different activities organized across the school like UAE Flag Day, UAE National Day Celebrations, Martyr’s Day among others.
  • The students participated also in some activities organized by the KG department such as: trip to Dubai Creek Park, Cleaning activity, Visit to Dubai Public Library...

Giant Moon Activity:

  • Our Science department organized an activity to spot the Giant Moon. Our students were given the chance to mark this important phenomenon that will not take place again until 2034.

Visit to Peninsula Center:

  • Our grade 3 students visited the peninsula center as part of the extra-curricular activities that the Science Department is conducting.

Visit to Sharjah Science Museum:

  • Our grade 10 students visited Sharjah Science Museum in line with the extra-curricular activities required to support the curriculum of science. The students learned through this visit the practical application of Newton's three laws using state of the art equipment.

International Day :

  • Our school celebrated International Day. Students from different sub-schools marked the occasion through several activities such as exhibitions, presentations, decorations, folklore costumes… that allowed them to share and acquire knowledge about new civilizations and cultures.

Lecture about Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque:

  • Our social department delivered a lecture to grades 11 and 12 students about Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Field Trips:

  • Our students from different grades participated in field trips to Dubai Museum, Sharjah Islamic Museum and Peninsula Center as part of the extra-curricular activities that we are offering to enrich the curriculum.

Arabic Language Week:

  • Our Arabic department organized the Arabic Language Week. To mark this occasion, several activities were conducted including scene plays, poetry sessions and projects exhibitions.

Lecture about “Reading between Culture and Positivity”:

  • A group of our students attended a lecture in Dubai Public Library entitled “Reading between Culture and Positivity”, followed by an open discussion.

Islamic Department Workshops:

  • Teachers of the Islamic department participated in workshops about activating recitation classes.

Students Leaders in Math:

  • A round of the “Students’ Leaders in Maths” contest took place among Grade 9 sections. The round ended with 9D taking the lead. Congratulations.

Math Bazaar:

  • Our Maths department organized the “Maths Bazaar”. During the activity, our students exposed their projects to the visitors.

Outdoor Maths Lesson:

  • We would like to share with you some pictures of a Maths lesson for Grade 1 in the school’s outdoor area.

Stars of the Month:

  • Our Grades 1C, 2E and 3D won the Ideal Behavior Cup as a token of appreciation for abiding by the school code of conduct.

Students’ leaders in Math:

  • Our Math department launched the “Students’ Leaders in Math” contest. The first round was among the Grade 5 sections with 5F taking the lead. Similarly, 6B (girls) took the lead among the grade 6 sections

Breast Cancer:

  • During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our Science department organized “Happy Biology” activity which included presentations about breast cancer and the importance of early detection as the initial key to survival. In addition to a testimonial from Mrs. Umaima Tinwala; a journalist and breast cancer survivor, about her journey in fighting and winning her battle against breast cancer.

Spotting the Solar System's Planets:

  • The Science Club students of NWPS participated in "Spotting the Solar System's Planets" activity in Sharjah Center for Astronomy & Space Sciences. The activity was attended by our Principal, Mr. Moussa Ouarou, along with Mrs. Nibal Al Dahouk, Vice-Principal for KG & Elementary School, and Mr. Ismaeyl Shaheen, Science teacher who were all there to encourage and support the students during the activity.

Traffic Safety Rules:

  • In collaboration with Qusais Police Station, grade 10 students visited the petrol station close to the school, and distributed brochures to the drivers while explaining to them traffic rules and how to stay safe on the roads.

International Day for Eradication of Poverty:

  • On the occasion of the International Day for Eradication of Poverty, our social department offered a lecture to grades 10 & 11 (boys) highlighting poverty issues across the world and discussed solutions to end it and support underdeveloped countries.

Energy Conservation:

  • We welcomed representatives from Dubai Water & Electricity Authority who conducted an information session to grade 4 students about energy conservation.

Reading Challenge:

  • In line with the Reading Challenge campaign, the grade 10 students (girls) visited Juma Al Majid Center for Heritage and Culture under the supervision of Miss Jamilah Faleh and Miss Hind Abdelsattar, to explore books and resources available in the library there.

Emirati Martyrs:

  • We presented a lovely play about patriotism highlighting the sacrifices of the Emirati martyrs.

National Engineers Week:

  • Our IT department celebrated “National Engineers Week”. To mark this celebration, our students designed and built houses using wooden sticks by following the different stages of the engineering design process.

Online -reading Programs:

  • As part of our efforts to enrich the curriculum and encourage our students to read, our English department launched the online - reading programs: Scholastic Literacy Pro and Scholastic Library in addition to the BookFlix. The English department organized as well an information session to shed more light on this program, its importance and your valuable role as parents and biggest supporters to students’ learning.

The Art Exhibition:

  • In order to develop the skills of our students and encourage them to create and innovate, we have organized at New World Private School the Art Exhibition, which contained a variety of handicrafts prepared by our students like printing on clothes, printing on furniture, recycled products from plastic bottles, artistic work on leather, drawing on glass, handmade textile corner, drawing and painting corner.

Al Hajj Activity:

  • Our grade 1 to 3 students celebrated Al Hajj season through the annual Hajj Activity organized by our Activities department, in collaboration with the Islamic Studies Department. The students emulated the pilgrimage rituals, the fifth pillar of Islam. The activity included all the rites of Hajj. A Arafat (special Hajj speech) was delivered by one of our students. At the end of the activity, our students delivered some religious hymns under the supervision of the Music teachers. The models used were the fruit of our art teachers’ work

UAE Interschool Sports Association Announces its Activities Plan from NWPS:

  • It was our pleasure to welcome Mr. Ahmed Abdelrahman, member of the Board of Directors of the UAE Interschool Sports Association, and Head of Events and Activities in the association, Miss Maysoun Al Amiri, Head of Activities for girls in the association, and Mr. Younes Al Rahma, from Dubai Education Zone - Students Activities Department, as well as PE HODs and teachers in Dubai and the Northern Emirates Schools to announce the Activities Plan of the association for 2016 -2017. Mr. Moussa Ouarou, Principal of NWPS, presented a trophy to Mr. Ahmed Abdelrahman, representing the UAE Interschool Sports Association, as a token of appreciation to the association's efforts in supporting the schools' sports.

New Hijri Year Activity:

  • On the occasion of the New Hijri Year, the school celebrated this special event by conducting some activities to shed light on the event that surrounded the Prophet’s immigration from Mekkah to Al Madinah

Parents’ Night:

  • We have conducted the annual parents' night. The meeting commenced with the introduction of the school's leadership as well as presentations about the National Agenda, the IB Curriculum and the Code of Conduct delivered by the vice-principals of the school. During the second half of the event, parents had the chance to meet their children's teachers and discuss with them all their educational matters

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