Traffic Safety Activity – Social Department :

  • Our Social department conducted this week the "Traffic Safety" activity in collaboration with Qusais Police Station. During the activity, the students visited the petrol station neighboring the school, and distributed brochures to the drivers while explaining to them traffic rules and how stay safe on the roads.

Visit to Juma Al Majid Center for Heritage and Culture :

  • In line with the 'Reading Challenge Campaign', the grade 10 students (girls) visited Juma Al Majid Center for Heritage and Culture to explore the books and resources available there.


Traffic Safety Activity in KG :

  • Major Youssef Thani Almuheiri and the Agent Aref Abbas Abdullah from the Traffic and Registration department from Qusais Police Station delivered a presentation to the KG department about road crossing and the importance of the pedestrian path

GL Cognitive Ability Test – CAT 4 - :

  • Our students from grades 4, 6, 8 and 10 participated this week in the GL Cognitive Ability Test – CAT 4. The CAT 4 is a series of short tests which assess student’s reasoning (thinking) abilities in key areas that support educational development and academic attainment.

Parents’ Night :

  • We have conducted the annual parents’ night. The meeting commenced with the introduction of the school’s leadership as well as presentations about the National Agenda, the IB Curriculum and the Code of Conduct delivered by the vice- principals of the school. During the second half of the event, parents had the chance to meet their children’s teachers and discuss with them all their educational matters.

UAE Interschool Sports Association Announces its Activities Plan from NWPS: :

  • It was our pleasure to welcome Mr. Ahmed Abdelrahman, member of the Board of Directors of the UAE Interschool Sports Association, and Head of Events and Activities in the association, Miss Maysoun Al Amiri, Head of Activities for girls in the association, and Mr. Younes Al Rahma, from Dubai Education Zone - Students Activities Department, as well as PE HODs and teachers in Dubai and the Northern Emirates Schools to announce the Activities Plan of the association for 2016 -2017. Mr. Moussa Ouarou, Principal of NWPS, presented a trophy to Mr. Ahmed Abdelrahman, representing the UAE Interschool Sports Association, as a token of appreciation to the association's efforts in supporting the schools' sports and participating in enhancing the students' skills in the UAE.

Partnership Agreement with Emirates Science Club:

  • OOur school represented by the Science department has signed a partnership with the Emirates Science Club to organize some projects that enrich the curriculum for grades 4, 5 and 6.

Winner at Hamdan Bin Mohammed School Games Tournament:

  • Our student Eissa Ahmed Bakheit Al Falasi from grade 8 won the third place in Hamdan Bin Mohammed School Games Tournament.

MOU with Jumeira University:

  • We are pleased to inform you that the school has signed a memorandum of understanding with Jumeira University. Upon this agreement, the university will provide academic scholarships for our students.

Partnership with University of Dubai:

  • We are pleased to inform you that the school has signed a memorandum of understanding with University of Dubai, one of the unique leading institutions of learning in the region. Upon this agreement, the university will provide academic scholarships for our students. For more information about University of Dubai and its offerings, please visit A team from the university will visit our school next week to give a presentation to our students and explain the points of this partnership.

Participation in the Reading Challenge:

  • A group of school students participated in the Reading Challenge, organized at the School of Research Science. The students were tested after reading 50 books in public information and culture, where they were able to answer the questions addressed to them and They demonstrated a high level in reading literary, scientific, historical and religious books.

Honoring Students:

  • The school’s administration honored this week the students who participated in the School Sports Events for the year 2015 -2016 during the morning assembly.

Distributing food to Workers:

  • Our students (girls) from grade 8 took the initiative to prepare meals and share them with the workers at NWPS and in Al Twar Park as a tribute to the brave souls of the Emirati martyrs.

Presentation of AUD:

  • We hosted this week a team from American University of Dubai who delivered a presentation to Grade 12 students about the different majors available in the university and the admissions procedures.

Presentation about UAE Universities Admissions from Knowledge Way:

  • Mr. Saeed Ali Al Najjar, Head of Academic Counseling at Knowledge Way and Mr. Firas Marwan, Head of Sales visited the school and delivered a presentation to Grade 12 students about all the students’ needs from searching the best programs and registering them at their preferred choice of universities.

Fundraising Campaign:

  • We have launched this week a fundraising campaign in collaboration with Food Banking Regional Network. The campaign aims at collecting a sum of money to support the Syrian Refugees in Lebanon and Jordan.

Visit to Dubai Falcon Museum:

    • Our grade 11 students (girls) visited this week the Dubai Falcon Museum where they attended the Heritage Week event that aims at preserving the cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates.

    Memorandum of Understanding with Skyline University College:

    • In line with our belief at New World Private School in the leading role that the school plays to support its students during their school life and after graduation to embark on their university life, we are pleased to inform you that the school is working on signing memoranda of understanding with some universities in the United Arab Emirates, in order to provide support, workshops and sufficient guidance to our students on one hand, and to offer scholarships to our outstanding students on the other hand. Accordingly, the school signed the first memorandum of understanding with Skyline University College. Upon this agreement, the university will provide academic scholarships and sports scholarships for New World Private School students. For more information about these scholarships, please call our reception desk.

    Presentation of Abu Dhabi University:

    • We hosted a team from Abu Dhabi University who delivered a presentation to Grade 12 students about the different majors available in the university and the admission procedures

    Trip to Kidzania:

    • Our students from KG 1 and 2 went on a trip to Kidzania – Dubai Mall where they got introduced to the different jobs of the market in a simple way following the learning through play method.Pictures

    Lecture from Dubai Police:

    • Captain Leila Sadeq Abdullah Ahmed from Dubai Police, visited the school and delivered a lecture to grade 8 students (girls) about traffic safety, the Dubai metro and preserving the environment.

    1st place at Al Ahli Chamionship:

    • We congratulate our football team of grades 6 and 7 students for winning the first place in Al Ahli Club Football Championship in line with the Guards Festival under the supervision and coaching of Mr. Hamza Klahshi. Our students Mohammed Fahed, Issa Ahmed Al Falasi and Soud Mohammed Taleb won the trophies of the best player.Pictures

    Visit to Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House:

    • Grade 12 students visited Sheikh Saeed’s House in Al Shandaga in line with the education plan set to support the curriculum. The students were introduced during this visit to the Dubai history as a rare variety of historical images to the Seikhs and the life in Dubai that has changed drastically in the present time are exposed.Pictures

    Participation of Students in the Poetry Symposium: "Poetry Heart": Connecting Humanity 2016:

    • A group of students participated in the Poetry Symposium: “Poetry Heart”: Connecting Humanity 2016! which was organized in “The Cultural and Scientific Association”. The students witnessed poetry by renowned and distinguished 14 Emirati and International poets and 12 selected budding student poets.

    Honoring the outstanding students in grades 9 to 12:

    • Mr. Moussa Ouarou and Mr. Oussama Deeb honored the outstanding students in grades 9 to 12 who hold a grade that exceeds 95% in the first exams. On the sidelines of the girls ceremony, some students provided an activity titled "How to achieve nationalism in ourselves?" under the supervision of the Arabic Department.

    Assembly for bus students:

    • Mr. Mowafaq Quran, Vice Principal of the school, met the students who are using the school buses. During the assembly, he shed light on how the students should behave while on transit. He also highlighted some problems that usually occur and stressed on the importance to abide by the code of conduct in order to avoid any risks that may result from not abiding by the traffic safety rules.

    Excellency in English Competition:

    • In line with the value that the school is highlighting this month, the Excellency in English activity was organized by the department for grades 1 to 4. During the activity, a round of the competition was conducted between the students of grade 4 “A” and “B”. Grade 4 “B” students won and are now off for the next round.Pictures

    Max Star Quiz Challenge:

    • 16 of our students participated today in Max Star Quiz Challenge that revolves around answering 30 general questions in 30 minutes only. The answers of our students were prompt and correct.

    Football game with Repton New English School:

    • NWPS hosted the football team from Repton New English School - Jordan. The game started with the national anthems of the UAE and Jordan. The Jordanian team presented a trophy to the school principal, Mr. Moussa Ouarou, who offered the NWPS trophy in return to the Jordanian team. The principal welcomed the Jordanian team and advised both teams to abide by the fair play. NWPS team won the game by 5 goals to none for the Jordanian team. Both teams were honored at the end of the game.Pictures 

    Trip to Dreamland Aquapark in Umm al-Quwain:

    • The students of the school (Boys) went on a trip to Dreamland Aquapark in Umm al-Quwain. The trip falls under the schools’ plan to organize several entertaining trips for students in addition to the educational trips that are intended to support the curriculum.Pictures 

    Lectures of Aqdar Program:

    • Khalifa Empowerment Program For Students “Aqdar” presented two lectures to students of G. 12. The first lecture focused on families, the maturity stage and marriage and how to deal with both stages, while the second lecture revolved around cyber-crimes that take place on the internet and the intranet.Pictures 

    Be’ati Recycling Campaign:

    • Imdaad, in collaboration with Wide Angle, presented an informative presentation about recycling to the students of grades 1 to 3 in line with “Be'ati - My Environment Because I Want My World (Recycling Campaign)”.Students participated with enthusiasm and got exposed to the different steps of recycling and its objectives and advantages on the community and the environment.Pictures 

    "Creative Generations" Competition by Cartoon Network:

    • A team from Cartoon Network Channel conducted a competition titled "Creative Generations" for students of grades 1 to 3 in the school.The competition aims at encouraging the students to be creative and express their thoughts. The students enthusiastically participated in the competition while three winners from different age groups will be selected at a later time.The team distributed booklets to students including drawings and games as well as the registration form to participate in the competition. At the end of the activity, the school offered an honorary shield to the team.Pictures Video 

    Math Championship:

    • The Math Championship is launched among students on Sunday 20/9/2015. It revolves around competitions between the outstanding students of every section. The competition will last for 24 weeks and valuable prizes will be offered to winners.

    Go Math Teaching Strategies Training:

    • The company providing the book series GO MATH, offered on August 31st, a two-hour workshop for all teachers teaching Math in English in the school. The workshop highlighted the teaching strategies through solving problems and how to use critical thinking. The school and the company agreed to organize another workshop soon to complete the training.Pictures 

    FARNEK to Provide Security Services:

    • The leading facilities management company, Farnek, is appointed to provide security services in the school. Following this agreement, the company will provide the school with the necessary security personnel to ensure the safety and security of students, and take all the security measures required for the general safety of the school. It is worth noting that “Farnek” received the 2015 Facilities Management Middle East 'Overall FM Company of the Year' Award.

    Modern Bus Rental to Provide Transportation Services to NWPS Students:

    • New World Private School has assigned “Modern Bus Rental” to provide transportation services to its students. As the school pays great attention to the safety and security of the students, all buses are compatible with RTA rules and regulations and fully equipped with safety belts, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, electronic stop arms as well as speed limiters with a maximum speed of 80km/h.

    New Catering Company at NWPS:

    • New World Private School has signed a contract with “Al Bustan Bakery And Sweets” to provide catering services to the students and staff members in the school canteen. The school aims through this step to provide students with multiple choices of healthy food at affordable prices. The chosen company will be responsible of setting up the canteens and ensuring all the necessary sanitary measures.Pictures 


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