1.    Where is the school located?
New World Private School is located in Al – Twar 1 – Dubai facing the Public Library.  

2.    What is the school curriculum?
New World Private School follows the curriculum of the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates from KG2 to grade 12. The school offers as well in parallel the IB (Primary Years Program) from KG1 to grade 3.

3.    What are the languages offered?
According to the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, all subjects are taught in Arabic. Advanced English-language programs are offered to enrich the students' culture and to develop their linguistic abilities. The school also provides optionally both math and science classes in English to its students from grade 1 until grade 12.

4.    Does the school offer Islamic education?
The Islamic Education is considered an initial subject following the Ministry of Education curriculum. New World Private School believes in the importance of instilling the Islamic values in the students to develop an educated, religiously committed generation.

5.    Is the school accredited?
New World Private School operates under the Trade License number 574095 received in 11/10/2005 and Educational Permit number: 20228. The school is accredited by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

6.    What are the latest results of the KHDA inspection?
Following a development plan that the management is pursuing in the school, the inspection team from KHDA rated the school as acceptable for the academic year 2016-2017.

7.    Who is managing the school?
Aspin Education Group oversees the management of the school. Mr. Moussa Ouarou is the school principal.

8.    Where are the teachers from?
The teachers at New World Private School come from different Arab and Foreign nationalities and are employed to teach specific subjects based on the language they speak. This diversification enriches the school by setting a cross-cultural climate among the school community members.

9.    How many students are enrolled in each class?
The maximum number of students in each class from Grade 1 to Grade 12 is 30, and 25 students in the KG phase. This is in line with the belief of the management to provide each student with the appropriate learning environment in the classroom that allows the teacher to monitor all students and pay them the needed attention.

10.    How many students are enrolled in the school?
The overall number of students enrolled in the school for the academic year 2017-2018 is 1328 students.

11.    What facilities are available on campus?

  • 6  computer labs, each one equipped with 25 computers
  • 5 high quality science labs equipped with relevant scientific equipment for research and teaching
  • 2 music rooms equipped with various musical instruments enhanced with a music system and a sound system to support the development the students' talents
  • An art room.
  • A Science Club to develop the students’ skills and scientific research and discoveries
  • Air-conditioned multi-purpose indoor courts used to host a variety of indoor sports activities i.e. football to basketball, handball, volleyball, Badminton, gymnastics, etc...
  • Two indoor swimming pools, one 4-lane community pool at a size of 17.3m (L) x 9.1m (W) x 1.35m<(D)<3.15m and one learner pool at a size of 9.1m (L) x 4m (W) x 1.18m (D), both fully equipped with toilets, showers, separated changing rooms for males and females
  • Outdoor Soccer pitch covered with artificial grass and spotlights
  • Outdoor Basket Ball pitch
  • Segregated canteen for boys and girls
  • Interior playing areas
  • An 800-seater spacious auditorium equipped with the latest technologies to host high-level events
  • School clinic equipped with a full-time doctor and nurse
  • School library equipped with a range of books and resources covering the different subjects taught in the school
  • 2 prayer rooms for boys and 1 prayer room for girls.

12.    What are the extra-curricular activities offered?

In addition to the program offered as per the Ministry of Education curriculum, the school is working on adding new extra-curricular activities to develop the talents and skills of the students.

13.    What are the school hours?
The school day starts at 7:15 am and ends at 2:00 pm

14.    Do students wear a school uniform?
The school adopts a unified uniform for all students and is provided to the student upon registration.
For Girls:

  • A pinafore
  • Black shoes
  • White veil/optional for students from Grade 1 to Grade 9
  • Black veil/optional for students from Grade 10 to Grade 12
  • White/Black Hair bond
  • During sports hour, the whole sports uniform is mandatory
  • School Jacket in Winter

For Boys:

  • Trouser
  • White shirt with the school logo
  • Black shoes
  • During sports day, the whole sports uniform is mandatory
  • School jacket in Winter

15.    Does the school provide books and notebooks for students?
The school provides students with all books and notebooks needed at the beginning of the academic year.

16.    Does the school offer extra care to students with special education needs?
The school has a Special Education Needs (SEN) department which develops the required plans for the SEN students and follows up on their implementation. These plans are generated according to the case of each student based on the inputs provided by his/her parents.

17.    Does the school segregate its students?
New World Private School separates boys and girls starting from the fourth grade, where students of both genders have different buildings including classrooms, courts and gates for each of the two categories.

18.    Do you offer medical and social assistance on campus?
The school provides a special health program that combines special preventive and advisory services in addition to the first aid services on campus

19.    Does the school offer transportation services?
New World Private School’s transport service is outsourced to “Emirates Transport” Company where all buses are compatible with RTA rules and regulations.

20.    Is there any parents’ council?
The school constitutes yearly a parents’ council. The members elect in their first meeting the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman in addition to the Secretary of the council. The members of the council meet every month to discuss the different topics on their agenda.

21.    How does the school communicate with parents?
The school uses all possible means to communicate with parents and inform them about all related news and events taking place in the school as well as receiving their suggestions at the same time. The major tool is the ICampus, an application that allows parents to stay updated about the activities and events, the news, the homework, the weekly plan and the calendar. In addition, the school communicates with parents through circulars, emails, regular meetings, text messages (SMS) and the school agenda.

22.    With whom should I communicate to follow up on my child’s improvement?
To follow up on the development of the student, please communicate with the class tutor, who will give you a general idea before directing you to the relevant person.

23.    Whom should I contact regarding any problem?
In case of any problem, you can communicate with our parent relations officer who will take appropriate procedures and direct you accordingly.

24.    How often do you organize meetings for parents?
The school invites parents to meet the teachers three times a year, right after the distribution of the grades reports at the end of every semester. Parents are also welcome to meet the teachers from 2:15 to 3:00 pm every day following an appointment request on reception@nwps.ae.

25.    Are there opportunities to become involved as a parent volunteer at school?
New World Private School believes that its success is initially the fruit of the positive collaboration with parents. Therefore, the school insists on giving parents the opportunity to volunteer on different levels i.e. observing sports and trips or preparing for some activities and celebrations.

26.    How do I enroll my children and what are the required documents?
New students are subject to the entrance exam and an interview held with the respective vice-principal. Upon passing the exam, the parents are requested to provide the following documents:

  • Emirati Identity copy of the student and his father/mother
  • Passport copy of the student and his father/mother
  • A copy of the student's Residence Visa and of his father/mother
  • Civil Registry Record or Decree for citizenship for Emiratis
  • Report card for the last academic year
  • 6 personal photos.

In addition, you can visit the Admissions page on the website for detailed information about the registration procedure.


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