The facilities of the school have been designed to create a welcoming learning environment and support the teaching and learning processes of the school. With an area of 200,000 sq ft, the school building consists of two separate sections for boys and girls with dedicated entrances for each. Our premises are fully equipped with integrated facilities including:   

  • 6 computer labs, each equipped with 25 computers.
  • 5 high quality science labs equipped with relevant scientific equipment for research and teaching.
  • 2 music rooms equipped with a range of musical instruments, a music system and a sound system to support the development of the students' talents.
  • An art room
  • A Science Club to develop the students’ skills and scientific research and discoveries.
  • Air-conditioned multi-purpose indoor sports used all to host a variety of indoor sports activities i.e. football to basketball, handball, volleyball, Badminton, gymnastics, etc...
  • Two indoor swimming pools: a 4-lane community pool at a size of 17.3m (L) x 9.1m (W) x 1.35m<(D)<3.15m and a learner pool at a size of 9.1 (L) x 4m (W) x 1.18m (D), both fully equipped with toilets, showers and separated changing rooms for male and female students. The school provides two full time life guards.
  • Outdoor Soccer pitch covered with artificial grass and spot lights.
  • Outdoor Basket Ball court.
  • Segregated canteen for boys and girls
  • Interior playing areas.
  • An 800-seater spacious auditorium equipped with the latest technologies to host high-level events.
  • School clinic equipped with a full-time doctor and nurse.
  • School library equipped with a range of books and resources covering the different subjects taught in the school.
  • 2 prayer rooms for boys and 1 prayer room for girls.

Our advanced facilities attract a variety of external organizations who hire these facilities after school or during weekends and organize coaching courses, events and championships.
For those who are interested, kindly contact the facilities management office on the following email address: facilities@nwps.ae

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Date: 01 / Apr / 2018



First day of the 3rd term for teachers

Spring Break for students

Date: 29 / Mar / 2018



Spring Break

Date: 28 / Mar / 2018



Spring Break

Intellectual property .
Student: Anas Ahmed - Direction: Osama Abdelwahab

Date: 27 / Mar / 2018



Spring Break

Date: 26 / Mar / 2018



Spring Break

Date: 25 / Mar / 2018



Spring Break

Date: 22 / Mar / 2018



Summative Assessment (Grades 4-12)

Date: 21 / Mar / 2018



Summative Assessment (Grades 4-12)

Date: 20 / Mar / 2018



Summative Assessment (Grades 4-12)

Date: 19 / Mar / 2018



Summative Assessment (Grades 4-12)

Date: 18 / Mar / 2018



Summative Assessment (Grades 4-12)

Date: 14 / Mar / 2018



International Day

Date: 13 / Mar / 2018



Visit to Childrens City (Grade 5 - Math Department)

Date: 12 / Mar / 2018



Finals of Arabic Reading Challenge (Arabic Department)