UAE Ministry of Education (MoE) Curriculum

The MOE curriculum is designed to develop an innovative education system to ensure a highly knowledgeable and globally competitive society, enabling all age groups to meet future labour market demand and provide a sound learning foundation for the careers of the young people of Dubai.

NWPS adopts and supports the values of the Ministry of Education:

  1. Citizenship and Responsibility: Enhance national citizenship and social responsibility.
  2.  The Principles and Values of Islam.
  3. Commitment and Transparency: Commit to professional and transparent performance.
  4. Equality and Justice: Commit to community partnership and accountability in the education process.
  5. Participation and Accountability: Ensure equal educational opportunities for all.
  6. Science, Technology and Innovation: Encourage a society that is driven by science, technology and innovation.

Following the strategic objectives of the MOE, NWPS seeks to ensure:

  1. Inclusive, quality education including pre-school education
  2. Excellent leadership and educational efficiency
  3. Quality, efficiency and good governance of educational and institutional performance, including the delivery of teaching
  4. Safe, conducive and challenging learning environment
  5. Attract and prepare students to enrol in higher education internally and externally, in light of labour market needs
  6. Strengthen the capacity for scientific research and innovation
  7. Provision of quality, efficient and transparent administrative services, in accordance with the quality, efficiency and transparency standards.
  8.  Establish a culture of innovation in an institutional working environment.

Instruction is in Arabic, although we offer our students the choice to continually improve their knowledge and understanding of the English language, by offering Math and Science subjects taught in English, up to Grade 12.

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Date: 01 / Apr / 2018



First day of the 3rd term for teachers

Spring Break for students

Date: 29 / Mar / 2018



Spring Break

Date: 28 / Mar / 2018



Spring Break

Intellectual property .
Student: Anas Ahmed - Direction: Osama Abdelwahab

Date: 27 / Mar / 2018



Spring Break

Date: 26 / Mar / 2018



Spring Break

Date: 25 / Mar / 2018



Spring Break

Date: 22 / Mar / 2018



Summative Assessment (Grades 4-12)

Date: 21 / Mar / 2018



Summative Assessment (Grades 4-12)

Date: 20 / Mar / 2018



Summative Assessment (Grades 4-12)

Date: 19 / Mar / 2018



Summative Assessment (Grades 4-12)

Date: 18 / Mar / 2018



Summative Assessment (Grades 4-12)

Date: 14 / Mar / 2018



International Day

Date: 13 / Mar / 2018



Visit to Childrens City (Grade 5 - Math Department)

Date: 12 / Mar / 2018



Finals of Arabic Reading Challenge (Arabic Department)