In line with our vision to develop 21st century skills in our students, and enable them to become productive and responsible citizens, New World Private School follows the MOE curriculum while teaching optionally the Mathematics and Science in English until Grade 12.

The school enhances constantly the teaching and learning process through regular observations of classes and training programs offered to our teachers as well as keeping up regularly with the researches to apply the best international practices to strengthen the programs offered.

  • Activities, Academic and Enrichment Programs: A calendar including educational and entertaining activities, competitions, trips and events is created every year.
  • Magic Math program (Curriculum Enrichment).
  • A range of clubs and extra-curricular activities are offered to support the curriculum and enhance students’ interest.

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Date: 13 / May / 2017



Robot Competition

Date: 10 / May / 2017



Field Trip to Saruq Al-Hadid Museum for Grade 8 - Boys

Date: 09 / May / 2017



Field Trip to Saruq Al-Hadid Museum for Grade 7 - Boys

Date: 08 / May / 2017



Field Trip to Sharjah Maritime Museum for Grade 5 - Boys

Date: 08 / May / 2017



Visit to Dubai Public Library for Grade 11 - Girls