Middle & Secondary School (Grade 5-12)

We are proud of offering the UAE Ministry of Education Curriculum to our students in Grade 2-12. The Ministry of Education is developing an educational framework as per a modern educational philosophy. The ministry initiated this philosophy with the launch of the Emirati School, which is based on the best international systems and pioneering and successful experiences within a national and sharing pattern and framework with all leading government and private educational institutions across the UAE.

The ministry's move is in line with the wise leadership's national visions aimed at achieving sustainable education by highlighting the need for continuous lifelong learning, enhancing the role of technology in serving the educational process, ensuring the best eduational practices and modern curricula and establishing innovation as a lifestyle with a view to building a generation armed with the skills of this age and proud of its national identity.

In this context, the Ministry of Education seeks to define the future of education to produce a generation aware of what life requires and how to keep pace with its developments, this being a method of work to fulfil the requirements of the knowledge-based economy and sustainable development. This stems from a keen educational vision by the Ministry of Education based on firmly established values derived from the federal government's vision and its strategic plans, organizational structures and development initiatives to achieve the national agenda indicators as part of a working system based on dedication and excellence.


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Date: 27 / Feb / 2020



Science & Innovation Fair

Date: 26 / Feb / 2020



Science & Innovation Week - Parents Teachers Conferences T2 - Young Investors Cycle2

Date: 25 / Feb / 2020



Science & Innovation Week - Parents Teachers Conferences T2

Date: 24 / Feb / 2020



Science & Innovation Week - Parents Teachers Conferences T2

Date: 23 / Feb / 2020



Science & Innovation Week

Date: 20 / Feb / 2020



Students Led Conferences [IB & English Department]